Instructional Videos

Baking can be fun and easy with Gobblin’s Baking kits. View our instructional baking videos below and be amazed by what our nifty kits can do!

Rainbow Vanilla Cupcakes

Twinkle Pop Brownie Popsicles

Dragons & Unicorn Pineapple Tarts

Dragons & Unicorn Pineapple Tarts

Holly Jolly Xmas Cake Juicy!

Milkshake & Donuts DIY Kit

Bountiful Bunnies – Surprise Pineapple Tart Kit!

Skipper & Friends – Dumpling Tang Yuan DIY Kit

Holly Jolly Log Cake DIY Kit

Magic Potions – Fruit Puddings DIY Kit with candies and surprises!

Moon Bunnies Petite – Mooncake DIY Kit

Doctor Doctor! – Cookie & Jelly DIY Kit

Spring Panda – Butter Bundt Cake

Gobburger – Neopolitan Burger Meal Kit

HUHU Tigers – Surprise Pineapple Tart Kit

Prosperity Knockout! -Chocolate Smash DIY Kit

Skipper & Friends – Dumpling Tang Yuan DIY Kit

Holly Jolly Xmas Cake DIY Kit

Moon Bunnies – Singapore’s First Surprise Colour Mooncake Kit

Gobblin Cup – Yummilicious Brownie Bites

Gobblin Cup – Rainbow Vanilla Mini Cupcakes

Gobblin Cup – Chocolate Chip Lolli-Cookies